Meet the 12-Year Old Artist Who Pays Tribute to Black Icons

Tyler Gordon, 12-year old self-taught artist

Tyler Gordon is a 12-year-old self taught artist that concentrates his work on Black culture and history. His works of art have paid tribute to the Central Park 5, Janet Jackson, Kevin Durant, Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, and even the late Toni Morrison.
Based in San Jose, California, Tyler has won raving reviews and a lot of national attention for his masterpieces.

A lot of the attention he gets has been centered around a backpack that he recently painted that pays tribute to the Central Park 5, whose story was recently told in a Netflix film called How They See Us.

Tyler had the opportunity to meet these five individuals, and says that he was greatly inspired. “I was very excited when I met them because they acted themselves and I felt glad for them because they didn’t let [what happened to them] bring their whole lives down,” he told Because of Them We Can.

He says he loves the story of triumph with the Central Park 5 because he too had to overcome a major setback. He was born deaf and was not able to speak until he turned 6-years old when he had a breakthrough surgery to unfuse the bones behind his ears. He also sometimes is wheel-chair bound due to other health problems.

But his setbacks have not stopped him from making international headlines for being able to create so much powerful art.

For more details about Tyler, follow him on Instagram @official_tylergordon or Facebook
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