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August 8, 2019

Founder of Black Male-Owned Bridal Boutique Making History in a Female-Dominated Market

Steve Larkin, founder of Remi Raine Bridal in Chandler, Arizona

Remi Raine Bridal was founded and created by Steve Larkin in Chandler, Arizona. Perhaps the only African American male boutique owner in the United States, Steve has made his business a family-owned enterprise named after his two granddaughters Mia Raine and Remi Sophia. He prides himself being a male in a female dominated market, and he works extremely hard blazing a trail as the new kid on the block.
Remi Raine Bridal brings internationally acclaimed bridal gowns into an intimate setting for a unique and personalized experience. It is a premier, family-owned business that allows brides-to-be to shop with confidence - providing the newly engaged with a worry-free shopping experience and a chance to find the perfect dress without the extravagant price.

Each wedding dress promises superior quality, style, and glamour and is tailored to fit the bride’s specific measurements - providing a gown as unique as the shopping experience. Remi Raine Bridal remains on the pulse of the latest bridal trends and runway sensations, allowing the company to offer a range of design options - from daring, fashion-forward styles to timeless bridal classics.

Steve believes that every bride deserves to wear the dress of her dreams - a wedding gown that possesses style, glamour and high craftsmanship. Think of Remi Raine Bridal as a family business with the professionalism and quality of an international brand. The wedding dress collection that is both superior and inexpensive has arrived.

To learn more about Remi Raine Bridal or browse their collection, please visit or call their office at (480) 361-9210.

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