24-Year Old Entrepreneur Launches First Black-Owned Delivery Service

David Cabello, a 24-year old entrepreneur, is making history with the launch of his own business called Black and Mobile, the first Black-owned delivery service in Philadelphia. What's more, it is the first of its kind in the whole country to focus on supporting and promoting underrepresented businesses as they exclusively deliver orders from Black-owned restaurants.
David was studying at the Shippensburg University's College of Business in hopes to learn to start his own business one day. But when he felt that his white professors are somehow hindering him from doing so, he decided to drop out in 2016.

"How the hell would they know what the black community needs?" Cabello told the Philly Mag. "Only 2.5 percent business in Philly are black-owned, so I feel like college is just us teaching us how to work for the white man for the rest of your life, and I didn't want to do that."

Determined to start his own business, he taught himself how to design websites and apps. He was just making extra money doing deliveries for other services until he realized the potential of putting up his own delivery service in Philadelphia.

In February 2019, David launched Black and Mobile and partnered with Country Cookin', a black-owned soul food restaurant, to deliver orders from them. Since then, they have delivered hundreds of orders throughout the city. And in August, he launched a website with a full roster of all the black-owned restaurants in the city.

"With my platform we make it easy to find black-owned businesses -- there are no more excuses," Cabello said. "We locate every black-owned restaurant and we put them on our site. That way if you want to support them, we'll hire someone from the community and they'll bring it to your door."

Currently, it's just David and his brother Aaron who are doing the deliveries. This year, their goal is to hire 10 to 15 people to meet the needs of the growing clientele. He hopes to expand across the country one day and create more employment opportunities.

They have recently started a Kickstarter campaign to help them raise funds to upgrade and expand their services. So far, it has raised over $5,000.

For more information about Black and Mobile, visit blackandmobile.com or follow them on Instagram @blackandmobile
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