Meet the 26-Year Old Marketing Expert Making Six Figures a Year With Social Media Ads

Junior Serrano, founder of Jet Set Profits, is only 26-years old and just got his start in internet marketing a few years ago. But he's already traveling the world in private jets, making six figures, and teaching online courses on how to make easy money from Facebook and Instagram ads.
Getting started

Junior says he started in 2012 with a meme page on Facebook that would get hundreds of thousands of views.

He comments, "Eventually I was approached by an internet marketer to promote for a company for a commission. I remember being at my 9 to 5 job during lunch break, and I checked my phone to find out that I had made more money than two days of my salary. I've been hooked ever since."

Taking things to the next level

In 2015, Junior created his first original product, a 6-hour online training course on CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing. It was so successful that he made over $100K, and started traveling the world to teach his techniques to people in other countries.

He comments, "One of my students who purchased my training course ended up paying $12 for an ad that generated him over $20,000 in 72 hours. Obviously it’s not always that easy, but I’m still proud of this to this day."

"I’ve had many ads that have hit millions of views and are making me passive income until today," he adds.

For more details about Junior Serrano and/or to sign up for his 2-hour course on how to make money with social media ads, visit his web site at
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