Meet the 12-Year Old Genius Who Invented a Robot That Folds Laundry

Fathia Abdullah, 12-year old Nigerian girl who invented a robot that folds laundry

Fathia Abdullahi, a 12-year old girl from Nigeria, has created the solution to one of the most tedious household tasks - folding the laundry. At such a young age, she has invented a robot that folds clothes by itself in just about 3 seconds!
With the usual busy schedule of most people, folding clothes after laundry is often set aside. Then there's Fathia, who developed a robot that she coded to fold clothes.

"I made it because there are too much clothes to fold on Saturdays and Sundays when you wash a lot," the young inventor told Reuters.

The robot prototype made from pins, beams, and an EV3 brick folds a shirt placed in the middle of the robot on each side. She hopes to develop the robot prototype for retail one day.

Fathia started coding at the age of 11 and within just one year, she already created her own impressive invention. She also dreams of being a food scientist when she grows up.

"When I grow up, I will love to be a food scientist," she told BBC. "I would be able to use this coding to build so many things that would help me."
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