These Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Coffee Mugs Pay Tribute to Black Women — And Sell Out Every Week!

Ohh She Did That Black-owned Coffee Mugs

Dorothy Jones, an extremely talented illustrator and art designer from Mobile, Alabama, creates beautiful custom crafts that pay homage to the natural beauty of Black women. Her company is called Ohh She Did That, and her most popular products are her handmade, hand-crafted coffee mugs.
With more than 12 different designs to choose from, Dorothy is overwhelmed every single week with new orders to the point that she regularly sells out.

Her mugs are steeply priced at $55 and up, but the quality and creativity of her work is well worth it. Each mug displays positive images of professional Black women with natural hair and Afro-centric attire. Each mug also has a different name with a unique design that features a colorful character that matches the description. For example, there is the Precious Curls Poppin mug, the Dope Chick mug, the Lawanda mug, the Bantu Pop mug, and even the Trina mug.

She even designs customized mugs, allowing customers to choose the mug's color, the character's hairstyle, her skin tone, her hairstyle, her accessories, and her outfit.

The mugs are absolutely beautiful, and growing more and more everyday in popularity, but that is not all that Dorothy does. She also designs t-shirt graphics, apparel, canvas art, and hand painted wine glasses.

For more details and/or to place an order, visit or follow her on Facebook at @dorothylanes
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