4 Inspiring Black Men and Women of Wall Street

Lauren Simmons, youngest woman working at the NYSE
Lauren Simmons, youngest woman working at the NYSE
When you think of Wall Street you probably imagine economic success. Wall Street is considered by many to be the world’s financial capital, a place of suits and paychecks. There are several members of the Black community who have achieved considerable success in the area. Here we introduce some Black men and women who have made their mark on Wall Street.

1. Lauren Simmons

Until recently, Simmons was the only woman working as a full-time trader for the New York Stock Exchange. She was also the second African American woman in history to earn her badge as a broker. Simmons had planned to work in the medical field, but at only 22-years old she made the switch to finance. She found a passion for numbers as well as the fast pace of stock trading. Simmons’ success soon caught the media’s attention, and there will soon be a movie about her journey.

2. Jeramiah G. Hamilton

Jeramiah Hamilton was a fascinating historical figure. The only Black millionaire in the mid-nineteenth century, Hamilton was a commanding figure. Hamilton was given the nickname Prince of Darkness, and he was a driving force on Wall Street. He was a smooth talker, and his charm aided him in his trade. Yet Hamilton was also a character of controversy. In fact, he found himself involved in over 50 court cases. Hamilton passed away in 1875, and as of today he has been all but erased from history.

3. Suzanne Shank

One of the most powerful women on wall street, Suzanne Shank is CEO and Chairwoman of her own company and has overseen over two trillion dollars of transactions. Shank had the honor of being mentored by Muriel Seibert, who is famed for being the first woman to have ever held a seat on the Stock Exchange. Though Shank initially had a difficult time securing a job, she eventually landed a position at a startup firm. Shank’s career quickly took off, and today she is an award-winning business woman.

4. Dennis Creary

Dennis Creary may not be a well-known name yet, but his aim is to make an impact on future generations. Creary is the president and CEO of Blacks on Wall Street, a non-profit organization that has a mission with the aim to “close the profession opportunity gap” for underrepresented youth. A father himself, Creary works to provide a legacy that aides in securing future job opportunities for young Black professionals.

The men and women listed in this article have all been shining examples of success for Black professionals on Wall Street. If your dream follows the same vein as theirs, you too could become a part of that history. Whether you want to apply for a loan and start our own business, or make your mark on an already established one, you could be the difference that Wall Street needs right now. In the future, it is people like you that will be the next inspiring part of the narrative.
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