Napa Valley's Only Black-Owned Winery Signs Major Deal With Delta Airlines

Founders of Brown Estate Vineyards

Brown Estate Vineyards, the first and only Black-owned estate winery in Napa Valley, California, has sealed a lucrative partnership deal with Delta Airlines. In line with that, passengers aboard the domestic Delta One could have a taste of two of Brown Estate's wines from winter 2019 to 2020.
Just in time for Black History Month, Brown Estate wines was first seen onboard on February 26th during an in-flight tasting for Delta One customers traveling from San Francisco to New York.

The partnership was supposed to be just a part of the efforts to increase diversity awareness during Black History Month, as initially suggested by Carlyne Scott, a member of the airline's Black community resource group. Immediately thereafter, the airline has decided to expand the partnership and add two Brown Estate wines on the winter 2019-2020 menu: 2017 Betelgeuse Sauvignon Blanc and 2017 Chaos Theory.

"Partnering with innovative, diverse suppliers from certified small-, minority- and women-owned businesses like Brown Estate is fundamental to Delta's strategy to keep climbing year-round," said Heather Ostis, Vice President of Supply Chain Management. "Seeking employee perspectives and leveraging unique ideas brings us closer to meeting that goal, while creating the highest quality experience for our customers."

Established in the 1990's by siblings Deneen, David, and Coral Brown, Brown Estate has since been a thriving two-generation family business. They have joined forces to grow the investment of their parents, Bassett and Marcela Brown, who bought a 450-acre land planted with viniferous grapes.

With the recent partnership, the family is celebrating a huge milestone as they make history that will let their name be known more widely.

"We are delighted to partner with Delta Air Lines," said Deneen Brown, president of Brown Estate. "Delta's all-in commitments to the spirit of inclusion and to their wine program are perfectly aligned with our core values at Brown Estate."

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