10 Empowering Black-Owned Clothing Lines to Support

Models wearing Black-owned clothing lines

If you’re looking for some empowerment through fashion, check out these ten Black-owned clothing lines. Full of character, inspiration, and gumption, you’ll not only walk the streets in style but support deserving entrepreneurs. Put your best foot forward and look into these vital Black-owned fashion brands.

Inspirational Black-Owned Clothing Lines:

  1. HSTRY
    Founded in 2013 by American rapper, Nas, HSTRY has made a mark on the fashion industry. He hopes to help enrich Black culture in a bold way - the brand is about “turning things around and instilling positivity.” In the most recent collection, HSTRY focuses on Nelson Mandela with tee-shirts and a striking satin starter jacket.
  1. HGC Apparel
    “Black by Popular Demand” - you’ll catch Zendaya and other celebrities supporting this fiery clothing line. With a vision to revive the color-blocking and Black pride ideals of the early ‘90s, HGC Apparel strives to enhance pride in one’s culture.
  1. Black Vibe Tribe
    When Trinity Simone was only 14 years old she created Black Vibe Tribe. Now, 16-year-old Simone and her business have merged activism with fashion. From fashion-forward statement tees to coffee cups, this is fashion line you’ll want to get in on. Their “Melanin Abundant” shades are just what you need to roll into the warmer months in style.
  1. 10.Deep
    In 1995, Scott Sasso developed 10.Deep - a heritage street fashion brand. Focusing on the ever-changing interplay of culture, community, and style, the fashion line creates highly-detailed takes on sports and workwear. They have an abundance of clothing options, ranging from trendy bombers and track pants to unique hats and socks
  1. Power in One
    With a mission to empower people around the world, Power in One wants people to recognize the power they have to affect change. From snapback hats to Mother of Africa bracelets, all of their products are “Afro Cool”.
  1. Beautiful In Every Shade
    This Black-owned clothing line wants people to understand that “none of us are beautiful until we realize that all of us are.” Their signature projects range from 50 Shades of Black to Black Men Smile. They want people to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.
  1. Kingdom Native
    Dedicated to creating apparel with a purpose, Kingdom Native works to be more than designs and colors on a piece of fabric; rather, they strive to say something that makes people think about the kind of life they want to live. You’ll definitely want to show off their incredible tees.
  1. The Brooklyn Circus
    This is a menswear brand that finds inspiration in history books - every item in their brand has a story. They bring PF Flyers back in style, and when paired with one of their simple yet stylish t-shirts, you’ll be strolling the streets in style.
  1. Fly Nerd Apparel
    Started by Mimi Dre in Baltimore, Fly Nerd Apparel came about by her goal of getting people to embrace and love the different quirks about them. A Fly Nerd is a “confident and stylish person who is devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.” You’ll definitely want to take a peek at these uplifting shirts.
  1. Philadelphia Printworks
    A social justice heritage brand, Maryam Pugh and Ruth Perez founded Philadelphia Printworks in 2010 by. Their line boasts of different shirts and crew necks with important historical figures on them. If you’re looking to support a Black-owned brand while continuing to follow the footsteps of strong activists, wear Philadelphia Printworks’ clothes to get you in the spirit.
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