Two Sisters Open Detroit’s Newest Black-Owned Bed & Breakfast

Roderica and Francina James, founders of The Cochrane House

Two sisters, Francina and Roderica James, recently opened the newest Black-owned bed & breakfast in Detroit where they were both born and raised. The Cochrane House, their dream project, is a modern and innovative bed & breakfast perfect for travelers looking for unique accommodations within the culture-filled city.
The duo, who have been entrepreneurs for 17 years, didn't really have a background in the hospitality field when they decided to venture into that business. But when they saw the opportunity of Detroit as a tourist destination, they started looking for the perfect place to build their dream business.

In 2009, they found a property formerly owned by Lyman Cochrane, the appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Detroit in 1873. They started the renovations in 2013 and had it finished 5 years later. That mansion is now known as The Cochrane House, the bed & breakfast that opened last May 2018.

The Cochrane House features three guest rooms, home-cooked breakfast, hand-poured home-made soap, and special Cochrane House candles. They also offer customized packages for private parties and events. It is ideally located near all three major sports arenas and theater district in Detroit.

Although it only opened eight months ago, The Cochrane House already welcomed numerous visitors, mostly Black millennials, who enjoy its uniqueness from traditional bed & breakfast.

"We try to provide a different experience that you wouldn't find in a traditional bed breakfast, we're innovative in that way. After a day of sightseeing, we want to be able to provide an excellent base for people to relax, and not be overbearing. We are not a pretentious atmosphere, it's very relaxing, with touches of luxury," the James sisters told Essence.

For more information or to book a reservation at The Cochrane House, visit
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