Black Teen Made History When He Became the Youngest Store Owner at a South Carolina Mall

Jordan Jackson, Founder of Birch and Pen

In 2018, 19-year-old Jordan Jackson opened his retail store, Birch & Pen, at Northwoods Mall in North Charleston, South Carolina, becoming the youngest store owner in his town. Now, he organizes numerous pop-up markets featuring his own brand and other local small businesses.

Ever since he realized his talent in styling and how he could make money from it, Jackson wanted to have his own business and be a "young boss." Before having his own store, he began by selling clothes via his online store where his fashion and design skills gained widespread recognition.

With the help of his supportive mother, Keisha, he launched what was initially known as a clothing and accessories boutique that catered to both men's and women's high-fashion, trendy apparel.

While at the mall, Jackson garnered awards and recognition for his achievements. However, after just one year, he decided to close the retail store emphasizing that this closure signifies not an end but a new beginning for a fresh idea.

"I was here to show you guys that it's possible to follow your dreams," Jackson told ABC News 4. "So definitely be sure and live your life unapologetically each and every day. This is not the end, this is only the beginning."

Fast forward to a few years later, Jackson has teamed up with other businesses to open numerous pop-up markets in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. With his passion for design, he organizes inspiring lifestyle marketplaces that feature clothing, home decor, and food from his own brand as well as other local brands.

Be sure to follow his brand on Instagram @BirchAndPen and his personal account @JordanJacksvn

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