This Black Entrepreneurial Couple Wants to Save Your Behind... When You Have to Use a Public Restroom!

Bill and Sonia Massey, creators of The Restroom Kit
Bill and Sonia Massey, creators of The Restroom Kit

The next time you have to use a restroom away from home, hopefully you will have already purchased The Restroom Kit - a clever product created by Bill and Sonia Massey that enables you to have the most sanitary experience possible in a public restroom!
This husband and wife team refer to their product as the "First Aid Kit For Any Restroom" because it includes your own toilet paper, wipes, and a patented toilet seat cover that is oversized to give total toilet seat coverage. Even more, the toilet seat cover is designed to greatly reduce the chance of damage or it being pulled into the toilet prior to use!

Oh Crap!

There are a lot of things that people don't realize about public restrooms. For example, when an uncovered toilet is flushed, germs & bacteria can spew up to 20 feet in the air - contaminating everything in its path from the toilet paper to the soap dispenser.

Even more, most public restrooms -- in hotels, gas stations, parks and maybe even your friend's home -- are usually not cleaned throughly. Some toilets are just out right dirty, while others may appear to be clean, but have invisible germs on the surface.

According to the New York Times, "studies - some done in hospital bathrooms - have found dangerous strains on toilet seats, including antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus (one of several 'flesh-eating bacteria'), norovirus (the 'cruise ship bug'), E. coli, shigella and streptococcus."

The Bottomline

The bottomline is that Restroom Kit will save your bottom! But for the sake of their business, Bill and Sonia's bottomline is also to get their kits in every glove compartment, purse, backpack, briefcase, gym bag, etc. across the world.

They are already having discussions with major retailers around the country, and have already been featured on several news programs including Fox5DC and News Channel 8 Chicago. They even won a $10,000 investment on Steve Harvey's Funderdome.

For more details and/or to purchase their product, call (800) 581-4181, visit or follow them on Facebook at

Watch their interview with GoDaddy:

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