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May 3, 2018

Meet the Entrepreneur Behind the $32 Million Dollar Incubator That Will Invest in Black-Owned Startups

Andre Amos, founder of Nu Republic Financial Services
Andre Amos, founder of Nu Republic Financial Services

Andre Amos is the founder of Nu Republic Financial Services and NuWorld International Ltd; based in Atlanta with offices in Houston, Chicago, and Puerto Rico. For over a decade, Andre has used his company to create a positive change in the African American community through finances.
He has become a multi-millionaire by teaching financial literacy and leveraging his entrepreneurial experiences to create new opportunities for himself and others.

Andre is a serial entrepreneur who has established a foothold in the financial services industry through Nu Republic Financial Services. The company provides accounting, insurances, lending, and credit services, targeted towards African Americans. However, Nu Republic is simply a branch of its parent company NuWorld International Ltd., which aims towards progressing African Americans in education, finances, business, healthcare, and technology.

While Nu Republic solves immediate problems that African Americans endure domestically, NuWorld tackles the struggles that take place in undeveloped and developing nations. Through his travels and living abroad, Andre has witnessed these issues first hand and has offered put together programs to remedy the socio-economic challenges that average citizens face. His efforts have received support from Heads-of-State, government officials, international businessmen, and local professionals.

Recently, NuWorld Ltd. has invested in a $32 million, 120,000 square hub, located in Houston, Texas. The NuWorld Epicenter will serve as an incubator for science and technology, while housing and nurturing startup companies. These companies will have access to an abundance of resources to that will aid them in growing and progressing towards viable solutions mankind.

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