Getting His Cut -- Black Tech Entrepreneur Creates Device That Automatically Gets Your Lawn Mowed

Wilkinson Egwu, a Black tech entrepreneur based in Woodstock, Georgia, has created an innovative way to automate professional lawn care! LawnTap, the startup company he co-founded, has developed a device and an app that enables your lawn to take care of itself (yep, literally).
In an interview, Egwu said that LawnTap aims to make the whole process autonomous without the old, complicated way of hiring a lawn care provider. He claims that their product is the new "sleek, customer-friendly approach to lawn care."

On-demand lawn care

The smart solar-powered sensor called Gaia allows you to monitor and set preferences of your lawn's grass height via its accompanying app. Once the lawn grass reached the preset height, the sensor will request for lawn care providers within 20 to 30 miles to trim them.

Gaia has a head with solar panels that power the device and a metallic stick that inserts directly into the lawn soil. The top and bottom sensors keep track of the height, sunlight, moisture levels, and other external factors that may affect the growth of your lawn grass. The app, moreover, displays the data in real time and notifies you about suggestions to keep your lawn maintained and healthy.

Compatible with other smart home and garden devices

"By measuring and quantifying lawn data, Gaia enables homeowners to more effectively manage their lawn," says Egwu. "The Gaia smart lawn sensor constantly monitors your lawn and learns exactly what it needs. It is compatible with other smart home and garden devices."

Not only does it benefit the homeowners but it is also a useful product for lawn care providers. Because of the app's direct requests, providers could increase customer acquisition without marketing effort. Service providers can keep track of the requests just like how on-demand food delivery services work.

Currently, the on-demand lawn care services using the LawnTap app are offered in Georgia and Texas. Egwu is planning to expand it further to California, Florida, and Pennsylvania with some help from venture capital firms.

Pre-orders of its complementary device, Gaia, are also now being accepted on their website at
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