Revolutionary Black-Owned Swimming Cap Brand Fits Women With Braids, Locks, and Afros

Nomvuya Treffers, creator of Swimma Caps

Do you have braids, locks, weaves, or an all-natural afro? Have you ever been frustrated finding a swimming cap that would perfectly cover your hair, that is not too tight and damaging? Fret not! Nomvuyo Treffers, a woman entrepreneur from South Africa, has innovated a swimming cap design specifically made for Black women's hair.
The revolutionary swimming cap is called Swimma Caps. Designed by a black woman for black women, Swimma Caps instantly gained viral success for solving an age-old problem of tucking a lot of hair to a very little swim cap.

After years of struggling to fit her dreadlocks in a small swim cap, Treffers decided to solve it herself. It finally led to the creation of a swim cap with more elongated top to fit more hair.

"I often avoided going swimming, because I could not bear the chore of having to blow-dry my dreadlocks for hours. My children also complained about uncomfortable swimming caps that could not fit over their high-volume hairstyles. Seeing my children frustrated motivated me to design swimming caps suitable for bulk hair," Treffers said in a magazine interview.

Besides being a business, Treffers also took it as an opportunity to teach young black girls to not feel inferior to their white swim mates. "I want them to wear their hair with pride and not worry about not fitting in," in Treffer's own words. She is now working with schools in Johannesburg and Cape Town to distribute the swim caps to students.

The caps made of waterproof silicone come in three sizes: regular, midi, and superlarge and has a wide variety of colors.

For more details about Swimma Caps or to order online, visit or follow them on Facebook at
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