Colin Kaepernick Has Reportedly Signed a $1 Million Book Deal -- And He's Selling His Own Line of Merchandise Online

Colin Kaepernick

NFL quarterback turned civil rights activist, Colin Kaepernick, is not playing professional football right now, but he has found another way to generate revenue. But he did just recently renew his endorsement deal with Nike. And, he reportedly has been offered $1 million by one of Random House's imprints, One World, to publish a book.
This is the same publishing company that has previously published books by Jay-Z, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and other notables in the African American community. Colin's new book, however, has not yet been given a title, but no doubt, it will be about his heroic actions that have brought nationwide attention to the injustices that African Americans have to deal.

Last year, Colin began protesting during the national anthem to highlight police brutality and systemic discrimination. But his protesting was silently done in the form of kneeling, and soon after, many other NFL players were inspired to do the same.

The protest has inspired a popular hashtag #takethekneel, and has even become the topic of several controversial tweets sent out by President Donald Trump himself.

Meanwhile, Colin has remained unemployed with the NFL since initiating the protest, and he has recently filed a grievance against the NFL accusing team owners of colluding to keep him out of the league.

Pursuing his goals as an entrepreneur, Colin is also selling merchandise bearing his name, slogans, and messages via his official web site at
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