What Oprah Winfrey Taught Steve Harvey About Business -- She Told Him, "Steve, the Key To Your Success is..."

Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey admits that he wants to be a mogul like Oprah. "I'd love to build one of the greatest media empires of all time. Oprah's done it," he said during a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter.

He says that Oprah once told him, "Steve, no matter what, get 51 percent ownership." So, he says that when he was approaching the end of his deal with NBC, WME-IMG came along and offered him a deal to launch another show and be the majority owner. "I called Oprah," Steve said. "And asked her: "Oprah, does this make sense to you?"

Oprah then called the CEO of WME-IMG to confirm that they were serious, and they were. Steve says that Oprah then called him back and said, "Steve, the key to your success is ownership."

"She's taught me a lot about business," he adds. "She talks to me about organization and what to look out for and what not to mind."

Just recently, Steve spent time with Oprah at her Los Angeles-based OWN Network headquarters. He took a tour of the eco-friendly, state of the art OWN headquarters, which included a peek inside Oprah’s private office.

Hate him or love him, but Steve Harvey is smart man if he's taking advice from Oprah Winfrey. She's a self-made billionaire, and has been successful in business for more than 30 years!

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