Black Inventor Creates Amazing Hair Dryer That Dries Your Hair in Half the Time

Martin McCurtis from Jackson, Mississippi has built a revolutionary machine that reduces the time to dry women's hair by more than 50%. It's called the Momentum UpFlow hair dryer, and although it's not yet available in stores, Martin has a fully functioning, slick prototype available and investors are very interested.
Coming up with the idea

Martin says that he grew tired of waiting on his wife to dry her hair. The whole process took hours, and so he decided to create a hooded hair dryer that cuts the time in half. Sometimes in as little as 30 minutes, a woman's hair can be completely dry.

To create the invention, he says he used his understanding of the principals of evaporation.

During an interview with WJTV 12, he explained, "It directs hot air, meant for drying, in an upper direction, once it makes contact with the moisture in the hair, the moisture turns to vapor and there is an exhaust fan at the crown of the head that pulls out the excess humidity and this upward air flow actually draws fresh air into the breathing space of the user."

Making the experience more enjoyable

Martin's machine is more comfortable, cooler, and safer than traditional hair dryers.

It reduces and almost eliminates excess perspiration/ sweat during the drying process, and dries women's hair without the usual extreme discomfort caused by hot air/vapor being forced into the breathing space of users.

In addition, because it reduces the time needed to dry a woman's hair, this greatly reduces exposure to damaging heat that dries out the moisture, minerals, vitamins and vital nutrients necessary for healthy hair!

For more details about, Martin McCurtis and/or his Momentum UpFlow hair dryer invention, please visit his company's web site at or follow the product on Facebook at

Watch the video below:
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