Michael Jordan and 9 Other Black NBA Players With Multi-Million Dollar Shoe Deals

Michael Jordan during press conference for his Nike shoes

Michael Jordan retired from basketball in 2003, but he remains busy with endorsements especially for his Nike shoes. In fact, his $110 million endorsement deal with Nike is what still keeps him on the Forbes annual list of the world’s 100 highest-paid athletes.
Paving the way for other athletes

Although Jordan was the first athlete to receive a major shoe deal and remains "king of the basketball shoe market," he has opened the door for other NBA players to also get shoe deals. And that list is growing!

Here are 9 other black NBA players who have made millions endorsing shoes:
  • LeBron James: $32 million, Nike
  • Kevin Durant: $25 million, Nike
  • Kobe Bryant: $16 million, Nike
  • James Harden: $14 million, Adidas
  • Stephen Curry: $12 million, Under Armour
  • Derrick Rose: $11 million, Adidas
  • Damian Lillard: $10 million, Adidas
  • Dwyane Wade: $8 million, Li-Ning
  • Kyrie Irving: $8 million, Nike

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