Black Entrepreneurs, the Owners of 3 Buffalo Wild Wings Franchises, Share Their Secret Recipe

Karim Webb and Edward Barnett, founders of PCF Restaurant Management

Against incredible odds, Karim Webb and Edward Barnett own three Buffalo Wild Wings franchise locations and are preparing to soon open a fourth. The incredible odds include starting a business in a working- and lower-class part of the Los Angeles area that struggles with gang crime.
Getting started

Edward is a 14-year veteran of the financial services industry and Karim is a 25-year veteran of the restaurant industry. So, in 2007, the two of them partnered together to form PCF Restaurant Management - each contributing valuable expertise. Their plan was to launch several Buffalo Wild Wings franchises in the Baldwin Hills, Torrance and Carson area.

And their plan is working out quite profitably! Edward continues to develop and implement money management strategies, and Karim oversees the development and operations of each restaurant.

Together the pair have not only built a successful empire but inspired an entire community in the process with their philanthropic ventures.

Their secret recipe to success

Here is their secret: All small businesses need the support of their community to survive.

Realizing this, Karim and Edward decided early on to hire local residents, especially teens, to staff their restaurants. By offering good local jobs, the duo empowers their community!

After more than 10 successful years in business, they attribute their success as prominent employers in South L.A. to their commitment to helping their local community. With a focus on helping teens, they reach out to schools, local agencies like the Boys & Girls Clubs, and college fairs to find young people and give them an opportunity to learn the restaurant business and even advance into management.

"Customers are deciding that they want to spend their hard-earned dollars with us because of the difference we make in our community," said Karim in a recent interview with Entrepreneur magazine.

Their strategy is simple; support your community and they will support you!

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