Woman-Owned Auto Repair Shop Lets Customers Get Their Hair and Nails Done While Waiting For Their Cars

Patrice Banks, founder of Girls Auto Clinic in Philadelphia

Patrice Banks is a genius entrepreneur who is also the owner of Girls Auto Clinic located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In response to a national problem of women being taken advantage of at many auto repair shops owned by men, Patrice launched her company to give women a better and more comfortable experience.
A new approach

Unlike traditional shops that often rip off their female customers, the staff at Girls Auto Clinic take time to go over each step with their customers. They also host free monthly workshops teaching simple, straightforward lessons and tips on car maintenance.

But here's what really makes them unique: While waiting for their car to get serviced, there is an on-site beauty parlor where customers can get their hair and nails done!

Coming up with the idea

Patrice says that she once got ripped off at an auto repair shop, and immediately recognized what happened to her as a potential business opportunity. She quit her job as an engineer, took night classes to become an auto mechanic, and then opened up her own shop with other "auto gals".

Currently, only 2% of all auto mechanics in the United States are women.

Satisfied customers

"I want to see more of these types of auto shops," said one customer.

"It's fabulous," said another customer. "It's the best combination to get my nails done while waiting for my car!"

For more details about the company, visit GirlsAutoClinic.com or visit their location at 7425 West Chester Pike, Upper Darby, PA 19082.

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