27-Year Old Black Entrepreneur Raises $7.2 Million in Just 3 Days

Chrissa McFarlane, founder of Patientory
27-year-old Chrissa McFarlane, founder of Patientory
Atlanta-based Patientory, the company behind an advanced healthcare app, has raised $7.2 million in a very successful online Blockchain token sale (not via Kickstarter, as previously reported). The block-chain startup, founded by CEO and Black entrepreneur, 27-year-old Chrissa McFarlane, enables the connecting of digital medical records without compromising privacy.

Crowdfunding is real

Chrissa was able to raise that much funding in just about 3 days by launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that drew 1,728 investors. She saw a real need for an application that would store private medical data in a secure area where it could not be hacked. Not only that, but the app can also store a patient’s entire health history and determine who can have access to it.

Exactly what the healthcare industry needs

Chrissa explains that the app uses what is called blockchain technology where patient information is coordinated through a Blockchain health information exchange. Patientory encrypts medical patient information in hospitals and insurance companies so that the data is distributed in an un-hackable environment.

Chrissa's new company offers a unique solution to connecting digital medical records without compromising privacy, which is one of the biggest issues in healthcare today. According to Huffington Post, Patientory is one of the leading exponents of blockchain in healthcare.

What exactly is a Blockchain startup?

Blockchain start-ups and projects raise capital by creating their own tokens or digital currencies, and selling them to the public through ICOs. Other projects like Aragon, a management tool that creates software to manage companies, raised $25 million in less than 15 minutes.

For more details about Chrissa's company, Patientory, visit www.patientory.com

For more details about Blockchain, visit www.blockchain.com
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