Black-Owned Vegan Restaurant Challenges the Fast Food Industry With Healthy Food Alternatives

Co-founders of Grub Factory in Baltimore, Maryland

The Grub Factory, based in Baltimore, Maryland at 1210 North Charles Street, is a Black-owned vegan restaurant. Founded by three entrepreneurs, Hurani Ame, Heru Mertief, and Imhotep Fatiu, the restaurant serves gyros, reubens, pepper steaks, shrimp salads, and curry “chick’n” -- all vegan.

A smart part of a bigger plan

The Grub Factory is unique in many ways. The restaurant has employees, but they are called "communal service providers". That is because the restaurant is part of the Pan Afrikan Liberation Movement, or PLM, and volunteers from the organization run the restaurant. PLM is a non-profit organization founded by Imhotep Fatiu in 1995. It's purpose is to bring about the transformation of African people through African unity and liberation.

The other unique fact about The Grub Factory is that they managed to launch the restaurant without any bank loans. According to Fatiu, their goal is to provide “people with quality vegan food and ultimately create a chain of Grub Factories.” Even the decor is unique, featuring sculptures and paintings that celebrate the African heritage.

Promoting a healthy way of eating

The restaurant serves delicious vegan food and also partnered with events such as the Vegan Soul Fest, where they took first place in the annual Vegan Mac N’ Cheese Smackdown in 2016 and 2017. Be sure to try their vegan french toast platter with scrambled tofu, homefries, and coconut bac’n.

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