From High School Dropout to Teen Mom to Millionaire -- How Did She Do It?

Stormy Wellington

Stormy Wellington was raised in Miami, Florida, where her mother worked the streets for a living, leaving her to be raised by others, including her brothers, family and friends. She was in and out of foster homes, even dealt in drugs and worked as a stripper. But all that ended for her the day she realized she could do better - much better.
From rags to riches

Wellington's life is truly a rage-to-riches story. She became a mother at the young age of just 15. She left her life in Miami and moved to Atlanta where she took low-paying jobs to make ends meet. However, for one of her jobs, she worked in the collections department and managed to collect over $1 million in closed accounts. She got a raise for her accomplishments - just $0.25 more per hour. But what she learned was much more valuable; She had potential, and was now determined to turn her life around!

A star is born

Wellington soon learned that she was good at network marketing, a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses, and giving people an opportunity to run their own business.

She then joined Total Life Changes, and started restoring peoples’ lives. She has been on a quest to out hustle every network marketer in the business, and the results are in. She was recently recognized as the #1 Female MLM Networker in the World, and a top-earner in the company with over $2 million in the past twelve months.

Inspiring and helping others

In addition, she has provided restoration for so many others. Stormy was recently presented with the TLC Visionary Award in New Orleans for her commitment and her crusade to helping 1,000 families earn a six-figure income. She has helped over thirty families earn at least $50,000 in their first year and several others have already earned six-figure incomes.

Wellington has written several personal development books, and her company also sells nutrition products and apparel. She is now the mother of 3 daughters and also travels around the world teaching and coaching others. She explains, "I just want people to be inspired by my ability to fight against all odds."

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