This Black-Owned Barbershop Has Been in Business For 40 Years

Snazzy's Barbershop in Aiken, South Carolina

Snazzy's Barbershop sits right on Barnwell Ave NE in Aiken, South Carolina. It's the oldest Black-owned business in Aiken County and will soon be in business for 40 years. But it's more than just a place to get your hair cut. Snazzy's is a historic landmark in the local community.
Celebrating 40 years in business

Owner Windell Davis says he was inspired to become a barber because he "just liked the barbershop atmosphere." His brother cut hair in the barbershop for ten years. Davis eventually went to barber school in Columbia, and started cutting hair at Snazzy’s when he was a teenager. He took over the family business when his brother passed away.

Not just a barbershop

The barbershop cuts every one's hair, not just African Americans. But people flocked to Snazzy's because it was also a great place to come and visit others. Since the day Snazzy's opened, it has been a focal point for the community. Hair styles have changed but not the friendly atmosphere at Snazzy's. This is why customers keep coming back, one in particular who drives over an hour just to get his hair cut at Snazzy's.

If you ask Windell Davis why he has been in business so long, he will tell you that it's all about making a difference in his community. The shop still opens up at 7:00 a.m. like it always has, with customers often lined up and waiting for a good haircut and great conversation.

Snazzy’s Barbershop is located at 1110 Barnwell Ave NE, Aiken, SC 29801. To schedule an appointment, call (803) 649-3855.
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