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January 25, 2017

Respected Black Teen Entrepreneur Interviews Several Self-Made Millionaires

Warren Cassell, Jr.

He is just 16 years old, but Warren Cassell, Jr. is being called one of the Caribbean region’s most prominent, respected and influential figures in the world of business. He has already written a book and now has his own series called "Teen Tycoon." In the show, Cassell interviews multimillionaire entrepreneurs, asking them to share their stories of how they got to be so successful.
A teen tycoon

Cassell, an entrepreneur himself, says that the reason for his series "is to help craft the next generation of tycoons.” On the show, he does phone interviews with other entrepreneurs and has them walk him "through their path to success as well as share the mistakes that they made along their journey.” Although just 16, Cassell is a published author and one of the Caribbean’s most followed entrepreneurs.

Of course, Cassell still has to finish high school, so he is a very busy young man, balancing school with other activities. He has been featured by CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, The Huffington Post and many other widely read media outlets. He also has a privately held investment holding company that exclusively manages his businesses and investments.

Helping others

Cassell's motivation is helping others reach their full potential. He started his own business at the age of 8, so he may be young but certainly knows much more than his peers about entrepreneurship and how to get there. He wants to share this with others.

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