21-Year Old Black Entrepreneur Creates Healthy Drinkable Lightbulbs

Sorrel healthy drinkable lightbulbs by Clovesz

Alaila-Lee Lawrence, a genius young entrepreneur from NYC, has created Sorrel Drinkable Lightbulbs - all-natural, refreshing drinks that come in bottles that are literally shaped like lightbulbs.
Sold exclusively through her company, Clovesz, the drink is made of sorrel - a Hibiscus red flower that grows in Jamaica that is high in iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium, and thus can help people with high blood pressure, low energy, and weak immune systems.

A bright idea

The lightbulb container idea comes from Alaila's goal to get closer towards reaching her true purpose, which is to spread love, health and “brighter futures” to those who get to experience heaven in a lightbulb! In addition to the sorrel, the all-natural drink also contains natural spices, and comes from a Jamaican family recipe! It can be enjoyed either cold or hot.

The drink contains no preservatives, and is available in 3 flavors: Original Kingston, Montego Mango Bay, and Treasure Pine Beach. It is brewed, bottled, and sold through restaurants and markets in the Long Island and Brooklyn, New York areas.

How she did it

It all began one year when she spent Thanksgiving with her cousin in Canada who opened the door to a whole new world. She was then inspired to return to the states with new innovations and newfound confidence.

Living in a single parent household, with one income, meant that she was going to have to overcome the many odds against her. Working two jobs to pay for supplies was only the beginning. Alaila was going to have to stop at no excuse, and push through the busy days and sleepless nights.

Despite all of this, she was able to build her brand singlehandedly - including the brewing, bottling, designing, labeling, and marketing of the product. And all her hard work apparently paid off because within the first three months of launching her business, she sold a thousand bottles of her special drink!

For more details about Alaila and her Sorrel Drinkable Lightbulbs, and/or to inquire about wholesale purchasing, visit www.clovesz.com
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