Twin Brother Entrepreneurs Celebrate Their First Year in Business!

Marlon and Mark Whitfield, founders of Hawk Time LLC

Hawk Time LLC is a St. Louis-based marketing and consulting firm founded by twin brothers and entrepreneurs, Marlon and Mark Whitfield. Growing up twins, they did most everything together, so it made sense for them to also go into business together, especially since they both share a unique approach to offering marketing and consulting services to their customers. They are now celebrating one year in business.
On the same page

The Whitfields are identical twins who did everything together, including attending the same college and even working at the same company. One year ago, they decided to form a company for "the little guy," or small business owners who didn't have big budgets for marketing and advertising.

It was a problem they wanted to solve. So they hired a team of marketing people, graphic designers, and other creative talent and called their company Hawk Time LLC.

The team offers their clients a one-hour think tank session that they call "giving their dreams heartbeats." The sessions are designed to help their clients think outside the box and think about their business in a way that makes it come to life.

Their values

The company has already been in business for one year. What they truly value is the opportunity they have to help others "make their dreams come true and being part of the reason they are successful."

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