8 Black-Owned Businesses That Make A Lot of Money During the Winter Season

Sonnia Shields and Rena Williams, founders of SoRen Tea; and Pattie Labelle, founder of Patti's Good Life Cakes

During the winter season, billions of dollars are spent in the United States on vacationing, buying food, and more. Companies like Walmart, Target, and even Amazon.com generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue during this time of the year.
However, there are also many smaller Black-owned companies that are also cashing in during this peak season.

Here are 8 Black-owned businesses that generate quite a bit of revenue during the months of November, December, January and February:

#1 - Roger's Travel Inc: This company is the oldest Black-owned travel agency in the country. Because many people like to take vacations during the winter season, they are always very busy during this time helping people nationwide book the best flights, hotels, resorts, cruises, and more.

#2 - Patti's Good Life Cakes: Singer Patti Labelle has more than 5 different cakes, pies and cobblers that are popular throughout the year, but warm desserts are especially popular during the winter season. Exclusively available at Walmart, her sweet potato pies and vanilla pound cakes are always big sellers.

#3 - CamiCakes: People love warm cupcakes when the weather gets cold, and this Black-owned bakery chain sells yummy gourmet cupcakes that everyone seems to love. Although based in the Atlanta area with 7 different locations, they ship nationwide. People seem to especially love their cupcakes with smooth buttercream and cream cheese frosting.

#4 - Airfordable: People love to travel during the winter season, but may not always be able to afford the high price of peak season tickets. So, this Black-owned company allows users to create a payment plan when buying airline tickets. They can make an upfront deposit, and pay the remaining balance in bi-weekly recurring payments before the departure date.

#5 - Innclusive.com: Again, traveling is very big during the winter season and so this innovative service, created recently by several Black entrepreneurs, allows African American families to find and rent vacation homes and Bed & Breakfasts without having to deal with racial discrimination - a growing problem with other competing services like Airbnb.

#6 - SoRen Tea: People love drinking hot tea when its cold outside, and this luxury lifestyle brand has a gourmet selection of blended, loose teas. Established in 2011 by African American sisters Sonnia Shields and Rena Williams, SoRen Tea is one of the first fashion-forward lines of loose leaf teas.

#7 - Brown Estate Wines: Drinking wine in front of a fireplace can definitely keep you warm, and fortunately this Black family-owned business makes and sells some of the finest wines that Napa Valley has to offer. Their selections include Napa Valley Zinfandel, Chiles Valley Zinfandel, Mickey’s Block Zinfandel, Rosemary’s Block Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Chardonnay, and more.

#8 - Glory Foods: Based in Columbus, Ohio, this Black-owned company's products have been available in nearly every grocery store across the country for years. Especially during the winter season, people love to buy their sauces, dressings, and gravies. But they are also well-known for their breads, casseroles, pastas, salads, black-eyed peas, green beans, and more.
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