Lionel Richie Launches New Line of Luxury Home Accessories

Lionel Richie Home Collection

In addition to being a hit songwriter, producer and singer, 67-year old Lionel Richie is also now a designer of luxury home accessories. His new company, The Lionel Richie Home Collection, produces high-quality but reasonably-priced home decor items including dinnerware, glassware, barware, stemware, and even fragrant candles.
At a recent launch party in Beverly Hills for his new company, he told reporters, “You’re witnessing a duck out of water.” The intimate gathering was held at Geary’s Beverly Hills, a popular showroom for celebrities and other wealthy customers that features a world-class selection of luxury dinnerware and gifts. They will sell Richie's collection alongside other high-profile brands like Rosenthal and Kelly Wearstler.

An unexpected move

Richie admits that he initially didn't know what he was getting in to. “You try it, and if it doesn’t work, you try it again. You do it a couple of times and when someone says ‘I think you have something’ — well, you want to get it out into the world. You do your research, you find one idea and then two ideas and you realize — yes, you might be onto something.”

Seeing things differently

Richie says that designing home accessories is very similar to writing hit songs. “Most people see the whole building, I see the railing,” he said, referring to the detail that went into each piece. “I was always that way — once the songwriting started happening it opened it all up. When I was growing up they didn’t know that ADD was called ‘hypersensitive’... what it really meant was that you were on the other side looking at the world another way. I don’t see it like it is, I always see something different.”

He continues, “Marrying contemporary elements with traditional, nostalgic features was the inspiration behind this collection. I was inspired by some of the memories that I have enjoyed with family and friends, and being able to share those memories is what makes this collection so special to me.”

Originally from Tuskeegee, Alabama, Lionel Richie has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, has won 5 Grammys, and is a 16-time American Music Award winner.

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