Single Mother Creates School Supplies That Celebrate Black Culture

Nneka, founder of Innovative School Supplies

Remember how exciting it was as a kid to go shopping for school supplies -- boxes of crayons, pencils, notebooks? But every one's stuff looked the same -- until now. Introducing Innovative Supplies, a black-owned online store that sells unique school supplies that celebrate black culture.
From soldier to teacher

The unique idea was the brainstorm of 27-year-old black single parent who goes by the name of Nneka. Based in Columbus, Georgia, she seems an unlikely candidate for this idea with a military background that includes 9 years of service and two overseas deployments. But Nneka looks at it as a way to change her community and her own life; she is now studying to become a history teacher.

Her line of school supplies includes t-shirts and school notebooks and other supplies that feature the work of black artists. The art often depicts historic figures and events, like Martin Luther King Jr., or Tupac Shakur wearing an "I Am Sandra Bland" t-shirt.

Supporting the black community

Nneka is showing a strong support for the black community by donating 40 percent of book bag sales to local charities. She is banking the rest of her profits with black-owned Citizens Trust Bank. Her company also hires local, minority youth.

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