Entrepreneur Launches Nationwide Program Giving Black Families Their Very Own Personal Accountant

Randy Hughes, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Long-time entrepreneur and accountant Randy Hughes, via Counting Pennies, his accounting and tax preparation firm based in Orlando, Florida, is now offering affordable and much-needed financial services to urban and low income families across the country. The program, called Black Money Matters, especially aims to give African American families nationwide the opportunity to have their very own personal accountant!
Maximizing tax deductions

Randy comments, "Every year, Black people give away thousands of dollars through missed deductions and tax credits. My firm makes sure you get the money and credits that are available for you to take."

In addition, typically, having a personal accountant can be very costly, and is usually only an option for wealthy families. However, Randy comments, "What's unique about my service is that you don't have to make six figures to have your own personal accountant. I'm the accountant for the little guy and the middle class worker who can't afford a big CPA firm, but cares about his money anyway, who cares about his money just the same."

Giving back

Far from the pocket protector and mechanical persona that is sometimes associated with accountants, Randy is best known by his colleagues and clients for his outgoing personality and volunteer work. Although not deaf, Randy learned and now speaks sign language fluently, and initially, he approached accounting as a means to underpin his volunteer work which centers a lot on helping the deaf community. He also has been known to heft a hammer on volunteer community-based construction projects in the field.

But with this new initiative, he is specifically reaching out to needy families within the Black community as federal government reports continue to reflect that African Americans suffer the most in the United States from economic hardships.

His experience

After graduating from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s in Accounting, he worked for Big Four Accounting firm KPMG. Prior to becoming a Controller in the hospitality industry for many years, Randy also gained experience as a loan officer and in health care accounting. He was introduced to tax preparation while working for Jackson Hewitt, and eventually collected certifications in tax preparation at H&R Block and professional bookkeeping at Universal Accounting in Utah.

Regarding his company, Randy comments, "Accounting for our customers is a journey, not an appointment; a process, not a paycheck; an experience, not a number. People come back to us and stay with us because of the time we spend with them, the conversation we share, the experience we create, and the relationship we build."

For more details about Randy Hughes and his affordable accounting/ tax preparation services, visit www.cpennies.com, email him at randy.hughes@cpennies.com, or call his office at (800) 234-1449.
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