Genius Black Entrepreneur Launches Her Own Version of Uber For Kids

Aireal Taylor, founder of Kidz Cab in Detroit

Entrepreneur Aireal Taylor came up with a genius idea when she launched Kidz Cab - a Detroit, Michigan-based company that offers a safe and reliable transportation service for local children ages 4-16, back and forth to school and to and from various after school activities. According to her web site, the service "not only gives parents one less thing to worry about, but essentially adds just a little more time in the day."
On being compared to Uber

Many people are calling her company "the Uber For Kids", but she has definitely added her own twist to the industry. Unlike Uber, all of her drivers are chauffeur licensed, have passed extensive federal background check, are subject to random drug and alcohol screenings, and have to complete a Child Care Certification Training Program which includes basic life support training and proper child safety/booster seat training for installation and use. Each driver is also well-groomed and dressed neatly in a company branded uniform with a lanyard and photo ID card.

In addition, her vehicles are equipped with child safety/booster seats, destination alerts, real-time maps with vehicle tracking and route, release forms with photo accessibility, and chauffeur portfolios - viewable by parents or guardians at anytime. Each vehicle is also equipped with in-vehicle child entertainment.

Her advice for other entrepreneurs

During a recent interview with, she commented, "My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to plan diligently. Making sure to thoughtfully plan things out before executing is so important for sustainability. A lot of times entrepreneurs are so excited to get their product or service out that they skimp a bit on planning, don't!"

For more details about Kidz Cab, visit or call (248) 719-4885.

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