Young Black Entrepreneur Opens $3 Million Restaurant, Bar and Private Club

Ryan Wilson, founder of The Gathering Spot in Atlanta

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan Wilson is a lawyer by trade and a graduate of Georgetown University. He is also an entrepreneur who noticed a void that no one else wanted to fill - creating a 24/7 luxury alternative work/social environment for young professionals.
With $3 million in venture capital, he solved that problem by opening The Gathering Spot - an innovative, private, members-only city club that brings together a motivated and diverse community of professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs. Located at 384 Northyards Blvd NW, Atlanta, members can benefit from a 24/7 alternative work and social environment, complete with stimulating events, concierge services, integrated technology and a full-service restaurant and bar.

Filling a void

As a young professional doing community organizing work, Wilson found there was no convenient place to go to get his work done. Young professionals like Wilson and his business partner TK Peterson didn't find country clubs a good fit, and coffee shops and restaurants don't afford the space needed to do creative work. So they came up with their own plan to create a space for members that offered everything they needed.

Overcoming challenges

After two years of fundraising, Wilson and his partner had raised $3 million to open The Gathering Spot. He chose Atlanta because that is where he grew up, and he believes Atlanta has plenty of opportunities and growth.

Wilson admits that securing investors was not an easy task for him as a young, black professional. But his investors not only fully supported him on the project but also want to open other such clubs around the country. In fact, The Gathering Spot has been so successful that they are already looking for their next location!

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