Black Entrepreneur Breaks All-Time Record -- Releases 22 New Books in Only 6 Weeks!

Dante Lee, founder of Urban Ebooks

Have you ever heard of an entrepreneur/ author/ publisher that has released 22 new books in only six weeks? Well, that's exactly what Dante Lee, founder of Urban Ebooks (, has done!

Lee's company, based in Columbus, Ohio, is the newest publisher of books for African American readers, and the company has just announced that they have released 22 new books in only six weeks. Their goal is to publish affordable and powerful "urban ebooks" - that is, ebooks that empower African Americans and other minorities. All of their books cost just $5 or less, and are available for immediate download.

Their published books cover various topics from relationship advice, motivational advice, health advice, funding information for women, a scholarship directory for Black students, and even several directories with Black women-owned businesses.

Their various titles now include:
  • First Ever Black History Quote Bible: 365 Amazing Quotes From Prominent African Americans
  • Get That Money, Honey! Top 101+ Scholarships (and Internships) for African Americans and Other Minority Students
  • My Sister's Keeper! 99 Amazing Black Woman-Owned Businesses That You Should Support (Handbag Brands, Nail Polish Brands, Haircare/ Skincare Brands, Jewelry Brands, and More)
  • Grow Your Own Food! The African American Do-It-Your-Self Guide to Starting Your Very Own Organic Garden
  • Black Girl Magic: Top 50 Black Woman-Owned Beauty Products, Skincare Products, Haircare Products and More
  • Top 365 Inspiring Quotes From Black Millionaires and Billionaires (The Best Quotes From Bob Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, Daymond John, Russell Simmons, Tyler Perry, and more!)
  • The African American Weight Loss Guide: How To Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days (No Exercising, Just Juicing!)
  • and many more!

Lee, who is 34-years old and best known as the founder of and, comments, "The term 'urban ebooks' means different things to different people, and it is actually one of the fastest growing categories in the publishing industry. However, our urban ebooks are a bit different; They are 100% educational and empowering. We have decided to only create and publish books that are useful resources to our readers. We do not publish any urban fiction or street fiction titles!"

"Even more," he adds. "What makes us different is our prices. All of our books are available for just $5 or less, and can be instantly downloaded to any computer, tablet or smartphone."

So what's next?

Lee says the company is selling about 100 books or more every day, and will continue to release new titles and stick to their affordable pricing model. He also says the next few titles will focus on business and entrepreneurship.

For more details about the company and/or to purchase their books, visit
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