5 Black-Owned Companies Thriving in Detroit Despite City's Woes

Black entrepreneurs in Detroit

In spite of all the challenges Detroit has faced, they remain an important city for black entrepreneurs. According to Ken Harris, president and CEO of the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Detroit has more than 32,000 black owned businesses, which places them #4 in the nation, behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
Every year, Black Enterprises releases a list of the companies that made their Top 100 List of the Nation's Largest Black Owned Businesses. At the close of 2015, more than 20 of those companies are located in Detroit.

Here are the top 5 Black-owned companies in Detroit:

#1 - Bridgewater Interiors, LLC: Owned by Ronald E. Hall Sr., this automotive parts supplier recorded revenues of $1,500,000 at the close of 2014.

#2 - James Group International, Inc.: This business is a supply chain management company owned by entrepreneur John A. James that brings in revenue of $133,000.

#3 - Devon Industrial Group: This Detroit-based company is owned by David Burnley Sr. and, although small with a staff of just 35, they boast annual revenue of $113,400.

#4 - Harvey Industries, LLC: Based in Livonia, this aluminum foundry, machining and assembly business has 650 employees and is owned by George Jerome Harvey. The company had $73,000 in revenue last year.

#5 - ChemicoMays LLC: This Southfield, MI company is owned by Leon C. Richardson. With a staff of 203, this chemical management services company had revenues of $66,147 last year.

The state of Michigan has a Black Chamber of Commerce that advocates for Black-owned businesses in the city of Detroit, and in other areas within Michigan. For more information, visit www.michiganblackchamber.com/detroit/
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