Black Family-Owned Construction Firm Worth $29 Million

Lynn Family, owners of ENVIRO
The Lynn Family, owners of ENVIRO AG Science, Inc - a construction company in Columbia, SC

In 1985, entrepreneur Louis B. Lynn from Columbia, South Carolina, left a successful career at one of the nation’s largest agrichemical companies, and started his own commercial lawn care business called ENVIRO AG Science, Inc.

That same business has grown into an award-winning major construction management and commercial landscaping company that is now worth about $29 million dollars. They have an office in not just Columbia, SC, but also Atlanta, GA, and they are one of the only Black-owned, family-owned construction firms in the country!

How did he do it?

Lynn says he focused just as much on building relationships with the right people, as he did with building his actual projects. He also credits small and minority business programs for giving him several opportunities to work on local projects, allowing his business to compete and grow.

His entrepreneur spirit runs deep; his grandfather owned a grocery store, and his father ran a butcher shop.

Now run by his children

In addition to being profitable, Lynn also turned his company into a multi-generational empire with the help of his children, who are now running the day-to-day operations.

The company's chief operating officer is Lynn's daughter Adrienne Lynn Sienkowski, 41, who is an engineer. His other daughter, Krystal Conner, 38, a pharmacist, is CEO. His son, Bryan, 30, is the company's facilities manager. Their dedication to the company has contributed toward its success. Lynn also attributes his success to local, state, and federal programs that have helped small and minority-owned businesses like himself compete in the market.

So now what?

“We are a multi-generational company that is poised for significant growth led by the next generation,” Lynn says. He is referring not only to his own children, but also to local students whom he helps to become future employers by offering a workforce development program. He maintains diversity in the workplace and with his suppliers, supports his community, and offers mentoring to help other small businesses. The future, indeed, looks good for ENVIRO.

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