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December 20, 2015

5 Ways to Get on the Tom Joyner Morning Show

Tom Joyner Morning Show

So you have a business or a non-profit organization and you want to be featured on the Tom Joyner Morning Show? Well, it's not a bad idea being that the Tom Joyner Morning Show is the most listened to radio program by African Americans. In fact, every morning more than 7 million listeners tune in. So being featured on the program could definitely be a huge plus for your business or organization. So how do you make your pitch?

Here are five tips on how to get on the show (and any other major radio show):

#1 - Make Your Story Newsworthy: First off, you need to make whatever you are doing sound newsworthy. It can't just be an announcement that you exist or that you running some kind of special promo; It needs to be an actual headline that will catch people's interest and captivate their attention. Listen to the show, take time to reflect on the kind of things they talk about and the people they interview, and come up with a creative way on how whatever it is that you are doing can fit into their format!

#2 - Make Your Story Relevant: Secondly, your story should be relevant towards African Americans. The show is mostly listened to by African Americans, so it wouldn't make sense to try and pitch an idea to them that has absolutely nothing to do with this audience. Don't be afraid to show your face via pictures, and to make it clear how and why what you are doing is of major interest to Black people.

#3 - Add a "Wow" Factor: Your story should literally make people say "wow". The Tom Joyner Morning Show has to keep their 7 million listeners engaged and coming back for more, so if your story does not have a "wow" factor, you can forget it!

#4 - Add a "Now" Factor: Your story should have a sense of urgency. In other words, it should be timely. It should be something that is trending, and something that is already buzzing. This way, they show's producers can seamlessly add you in to the dialogue.

#5 - Pitch Your Story: Ok, so this is how you pitch your story to the Tom Joyner Morning Show. You can submit your story online at or you can send an email to

But even better, you should make your story go viral on social media and let them find you! Doing this will help them to notice your story and seriously consider having you on the show.

One great way to make your story go viral is by using to distribute your press release to all the African American newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations. They can not guarantee to get you on the show, but they can help increase your visibility... and your chances!

And guess what? If you don't get picked up by the Tom Joyner Morning Show, maybe one or more of the other hundreds of Black radio shows that they distribute to will be interested in your story!