7 Unbeweavable Black-Owned Hair Salons in the Washington, DC Area

Black-owned hair salon

Let's face it: Black people have a different kind of hair, and Black women can not just go into just any hair salon. Whether you live in Washington, DC or are just visiting, you can support black business owners by seeking out local salons owned by African Americans. Here are our top picks for the best black hair salons in the DC area:

#1 - The Haircare Company: located at 6419 Old Branch Ave (in Camp Springs, MD), this Black-owned salon was founded by stylist Stephanie Johnson, who has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

#2 - Natural Beauty by Lalia: located at 8225 Georgia Ave (in Silver Spring, MD), and has received rave reviews for their braids and twists (especially Senegalese Twists).

#3 - Studio Chique: this salon is located at 3013 Georgia Ave, NW, and is a full-service hair, nail and skin salon. As the name indicates, it is city-chique designed and offers free consultation. Their mission is to pamper and renew!

#4 - Uzuri Braids: located at 141 Kennedy St., NW, this salon was founded by stylist Cecilia Denise Hinds, and is deemed as the area's most innovative and successful natural hair care salon.

#5 - Angels Salon: located at 50 S Pickett St (in Alexandria, Virginia), this Black-owned salon was opened in 2008 by stylist Cindi Taylor and barber Keith Garcias, both of whom have been in the business for over 30 years.

#6 - Jasmine's Hair Gallery: located at 2202 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, SE, this hair salon offers all the essential services that Black women need including from extensions to hair coloring to hair highlights.

#7 - Rachel Joyce Organic Salon: located at 1754 Columbia Road, NW, this Black-owned hair salon only uses only the safest, most natural, and highest performance hair services and products available.
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