Top 5 Best Black-Owned Bakeries in Chicago

Stephanie Hart of Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago
Stephanie Hart, founder of Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago

Who doesn't like sweets?? Mostly everyone has a sweet tooth and knows where the best bakeries are in their own town. But what if you are traveling to Chicago, and you also want to support black-owned businesses? There are over 100 black-owned restaurants and other eateries, including bakeries, in the Chicago area.
Here are the top 5 best black-owned bakeries:

#1 - Angelica’s Bakery: this bakery on East 87th Street in Chicago opened business 25 years ago and is still serving some of the best desserts in Chicago. For example, cakes, cobblers and puddings are made from original recipes. They are also famous for their banana pudding, carmel turtle crunch, and carmel cake in a jar.

#2 - Abundance Bakery: located on E 47th St., this popular bakery has been serving the community since the 1990s. Owner William Ball is well known for great morning desserts like huge apple fritters, upside down caramel cupcakes, really big donuts, and specialty cakes.

#3 - Brown Sugar Bakery: located on 75th Street in Chicago, features the owner's signature carmel cake. Owner Stephanie Hart also serves up peach, pear, apple, and sweet potato cobblers, cupcakes, pies, cheesecake, cookies and pound cake.

#4 - FAABE Cupcakes: on East 162nd Street in South Holland, IL, is one of the best cupcake shops and bakeries around. Their pastries are made from sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, real vanilla, fresh bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots, and real strawberries. Be sure to try their peach cobbler cupcakes!

#5 - Eat Moore Cakes: located on S. Hamilton in Lockport, IL, they specialize in -- you guessed -- cakes. But not just any cakes. Try their pink champagne cake or a gum drop cake. You can also order online 24-hr.
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