5 Amazing Black-Owned Soul Food Restaurants in Las Vegas

Soul Food Cafe Express, Black-Owned Restaurant in Las Vegas

How many people visit Las Vegas, Nevada every year? About 40 million. Over 5 million of these visitors are there for conventions. But regardless of the reason, all these visitors want to eat. Finding good soul food can be a challenge, unless you know where to go.

So, here are the top 5 black-owned restaurants in Las Vegas:

(The restaurants were rated by comments from customers and posted on Yelp).

#1 - Soul Food Cafe: this restaurant received great feedback from customers, especially on the restaurant's specialties of chicken and waffles, and shrimp and rice. The restaurant is located at 4181 N Pioneer Way but also has two mobile food trucks. Their motto is: Taste so good you can smell it through the phone."

#2 - EllaEm’s Soul Food: located in North Las Vegas, this is soul food at its best with fried cabbage, chicken and waffles, oxtail, fried catfish, collard greens and mac and cheese. The cafe style restaurant also serves their famous peach cobbler.

#3 - Southern Style Eatery: is another favorite for fried seafood and other soul food favorites. Customers love their oyster and shrimp po-boy, as well as their greens, yams, gumbo, catfish and mac and cheese. The restaurant is comfortably priced and located on the west side of Las Vegas.

#4 - Mario’s Westside Market: located on N. Martin L King Blvd, Mario's is actually a grocery store with a little restaurant in the back serving great soul food. Chicken strips, fried green tomatoes, potato wedges, and fried catfish are some of their specialties. They also do catering.

#5 - M&M Soul Food Cafe: serves cornbread pancakes, fried chicken, catfish, fried okra, sweet tea - all at great prices. Breakfast is available anytime!
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