Top 5 Black-Owned Law Firms (Black Lawyers) in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore State's Attorney, Marilyn J. Mosby
Baltimore State's Attorney, Marilyn J. Mosby
The American Bar Association reports that only 3 percent of the lawyers at large law firms are African American, and only 1.9 percent of the partners are African American. Among these, most do not own their own law firms. But in some cities like Baltimore, Maryland, the presence of black-owned law firms blows these statistics out of the water. Not to mention that the city has a Black state's attorney, Marilyn J. Mosby.
Here are the top 5 Black-owned law firms in Baltimore:

#1 - TBMG Law: was founded by Anthony I. Butler. The company includes a former prosecutor, solo practitioners, "Big Law" associates, and an international judge. The team also has two women attorneys, one a trial lawyer and the other a former judge in Pakistan.

#2 - Murphy, Falcon & Murphy: this law firm was founded in 1948 by Judge William H. Murphy, Sr. He was the third African American to be admitted to the University of Maryland School of Law.

#3 - The Craig Law Group: founded in 1994, this Baltimore law firm consists of four experienced attorneys, three of whom are women. They serve clients in Baltimore as well as in the Washington, D.C. area.

#4 - Alice G. Pinderhughes, P.A. Attorney at Law: divorce lawyer Alice G. Pinderhughes has more than 35 years of experience representing individuals, families, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, churches and property owners in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

#5 - Susan Kirwan, Attorney at Law: founded in 1998, Susan Kirwan's law office specializes in divorce, child custody, adoption, family law, and criminal appeals.
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