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July 12, 2015

Black Female Photographer Earns Respect (and Success) in a Male-Dominated Industry

Tasha Bleu

Tasha Bleu, founder of Treu Bleu Imagery, is a men's fashion photographer located in Brooklyn, New York. Her work takes her all over the world to photograph celebrities and men's fashions. She opened her own photography company in 2010 and owes her success to hard work and consistency.

Hard work

Bleu wanted to learn as much as she could about photography so she took pictures of everything, from weddings to family portraits, real estate and food photography. She not only learned but became well known. It wasn't until she did photography for a men’s lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong that she knew what her passion was -- photographing men's fashion clothing.

Her advice for others

Bleu works in a male-dominated industry and is a black female, and she is very successful at what she does. To what does she attribute her success?
  • Do your homework: For Bleu, this meant learning all she could about men's fashion. She focuses on understanding what her customers like to see and what they like to buy. As Bleu explained it, "Many companies are out of touch with what goes on in the minds of their customer, so they hire me to keep them connected."
  • Know where you are going: The path was clear to Bleau. She loved men's fashion and focused her work in that direction.
  • Understand culture: Her work places her in many cross-cultural environments. As she states, she will "analyze the brand’s origins, values and aesthetics." She will capture the true essence of any culture in her photography.

Most important

The most important piece of advice Bleu gives to others is to stay true to yourself. This is the meaning behind her company's name “Treu Bleu Imagery.”

For more details about her company, visit