Google Creating Young Black Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneuring Youth’s iPitch Competition at Google

Imagine being a young adult and being given the opportunity to tell others about your idea for owning your own business. Imagine presenting that idea to judges at Google! That is exactly what is happening at Entrepreneuring Youth’s iPitch Competition at Google. The program includes cash prizes and training for youth to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

How the program helps youth

A Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization, Entrepreneuring Youth, helps hundreds of youth ages 11-18 from economically troubled neighborhoods to learn skills that will enable them to become successful entrepreneurs. The organization believes that "All young people deserve the chance to create the future they want." Throughout the year, they provide youth with opportunities to showcase their business talent. Eligible students include middle school and high school at ages 11-18.

This year's competition included 15 Black students

iPitch Competition at Google is an opportunity for entrepreneur-minded students to compete for first, second, and third place competition cash prizes. In addition, the competition event helps student learn how to start their own businesses. This year's competition included 15 black students out of a total of 30 participating youth, and 15 out of 22 businesses represented had black ownership.

Jerry Cozewith, co-founder of Entrepreneuring Youth, explained, "Our program helps young people build confidence and knowledge to set big goals and find or create a path to achieving them."

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