How Entrepreneur Mahisha Dellinger is Reuniting the Black Haircare Industry

Mahisha Dellinger
Mahisha Dellinger, president and CEO of CURLS

Don't let the name CURLS fool you -- the owner of this company has much more business acumen than you can imagine. Mahisha Dellinger, President and CEO of CURLS, a designer of organic haircare products for women with natural hair, expects her business will reach $1 trillion by next year. But sales is not her only objective; she is on a mission to unite the black haircare industry.

Why uniting is important

As Mahisha explains, “I see our industry is growing, but the ownership is not black owned. Companies who are white owned are coming in, and marketing it for black women. It is being infiltrated.” Her concern is what she refers to as being "authentic" to the consumer. Black ownership is important because it represents an industry that truly wants to meet the needs of black women. Mahisha feels black haircare owners need to take back their market share in order to do this successfully.

Her goal

Her goal is to unite all black haircare companies "to come together and take back what they’re trying to take over.” The goal is not sales-based; it is focused on making sure that the black haircare industry remains true to their mission in serving black women.

If anyone can make it happen, Mahisha can! Using her very own money to start her business, she grew it into a multi-million dollar brand that can be found in stores like Sally’s Beauty Supply, Wal-Mart, Target, Rite Aid, and CVS. She has also been a guest on CBS’s The Talk, CNBC’s Street Signs, and has been featured in magazines such as Essence, Elle, Redbook and Black Enterprise.

This girl is much more than curls!

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