New Deal Creates Three New Major Black-Owned TV Stations

Pluria Marshall, Jr.
Pluria Marshall, Jr.

In 2006, there were 18 broadcast companies that were owned by minorities. Today there are none. However, a recent acquisition by Pluria Marshall Jr., an African American who is currently the president and C.E.O of several newspapers focusing on African-American and minority interests, will change all that.

Marshall Broadcasting Group

The newly created company, Marshall Broadcasting Group, is the result of Marshall purchasing three TV stations from Nexstar Broadcasting Group. The three TV stations are located in Shreveport, Louisiana, Odessa-Midland, Texas, and Quad Cities, Iowa, and are all Fox-affiliated stations. The purchase not only completes a 30-year quest by Marshall to create a Black-owned media company, but it also opens the door for more news and other programming of specialized interest to minorities.

Changes planned

Marshall plans to add public affairs programming of particular interest to minority communities, even syndicating with other stations around the country. It represents a step in the right direction to increase representation of minority broadcasters in the broadcasting industry.

Financing on the $58.5 million deal was guaranteed by Nexstar, but Marshall remains in control of the stations and their programming. States Marshall, “We are delighted to have the support of Nexstar to promote diversity of media ownership assets among minority operators.”
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