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May 8, 2014

Black Entrepreneur Finds Success Selling Lingerie For Full-Figure, Curvy Women -- Her Products Are Now Available in Macy's

Psychelia Terry

Psychelia Terry wanted to be an entrepreneur, even when she was in college. She had a vision for her business, Urban Intimates, which features lingerie for full-figure, curvy women. She also had a determination to make it happen no matter what. Her hard work paid off big time. Now Psychelia's products are being sold in 10 Macy's stores.

How did she do it?

Psychelia is the first one to admit she didn't have all the answers, or all the skills needed to launch her business. But she knew where to go for help. That was an important step in her career. Once she had the prototypes finished, she began contacting fashion magazines and eventually got the attention of Essence and Ebony.

With her name and product in a magazine, she next applied and was accepted into Macy’s Workshop program. The program is extremely competitive, but Psychelia was chosen to join the program as one of a select few minority- and women-owned businesses that have the potential to become a vendor for Macy's department stores.

The road to success was tough

In spite of all her work and effort, it was still another year before Psychelia received her first order from Macy's. Now the real work began by traveling to China to pull together a production team. She continued to network with colleagues and others to learn all she could about how to run her business.

What she learned

Psychelia attributes hard work, determination, a positive attitude, reaching out to others for help, and fostering a good relationship with her customers to her success. This first-time entrepreneur never gave up!

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