Many Black Entrepreneurs Have "Made The Flip" and Are Now Owners of McDonald's Restaurants -- But Are They Business Leaders or Traitors Poisoning the Community?

Black McDonald's Franchise Owners

Several African-American business owners in California are owners of McDonald's restaurants, and although they are always giving back, some say they are also poisoning the community with low quality food.

A recent article in the Inland Valley News highlighted, not one or two, but three second-generation McDonald’s franchise owners in Southern California. The article emphasized that they are not only providing for their families and creating jobs, but are also demonstrating the importance of continuing the legacy started by their parents as franchise owners of McDonald's.

But many disagree saying that McDonald's manufactures and sells harmful food. They also argue that minorities in particular are plagued with the various health issues (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc) that come from such fast food.

What do you think - Leaders or Traitors?

Nicole Enearu, a Black entrepreneur, personally owns two McDonald’s restaurants in Los Angeles, and also runs 22 other locations owned by her mother. Donald Bailey, Jr., also Black, owns a McDonald's restaurant in the Los Angeles community of Crenshaw and his parents got him involved in the business at the age of 12. There is also Kiana Webb-Severloh, also Black, who owns five McDonald's restaurants in the Inland Empire area. She learned from her father, Reggie Webb, who was one of the first African-American McDonald’s owners in Southern California.

So are these business leaders and role models in the community? Or are they traitors who are poisoning their own people?

The article admits that all of them have a desire to give back to their communities and to be role models for future entrepreneurs. And, all of them are already active in community events, fundraising for local causes, and community improvements.

But does this count to solve one problem while causing another?
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