Detroit Black Entrepreneur/ Activist, Walt Douglas, Releases New Book - "The Activist Entrepreneur"

The Activist Entrepreneur by Walt Douglas

Long-time Detroit activist and business owner Walt Douglas has spent his life overcoming racial barriers. His trials, tribulations and successes are discussed in his new book entitled, The Activist Entrepreneur: What I Learned About Business at the Urban Coalition & Other Keys to Career and Personal Success.

Who is Walt Douglas?

Walt Douglas grew up in Hamlet, North Carolina. He eventually became a IRS computer programmer and lived in Washington, D.C. In 1967, he moved to family to Detroit. It was there that Walt became an activist for business growth in Detroit. He got involved in Detroit politics and community affairs and became president of an urban coalition organization called New Detroit Inc.

But it wasn't enough for Walt. He wanted to challenge himself and take a leadership role that would create change and become a good example for other African-Americans in the community. He became the owner of an award-winning auto dealer which was one of the nation’s most successful Ford dealerships.

Advise from Walt Douglas

Walt's story is an inspiration to other African American entrepreneurs to whom he offers some tips for success that include:
  • Take challenging leaps
  • Reach out to others who share the same passions and goals
  • Form an urban coalition in your community
  • Make the changes necessary to move forward
  • Bet on yourself - take advantage of a good situation and make it successful
  • Challenge others to recognize you
  • Be an optimist -- believe that the future can be better than the past
  • Be an opportunist -- take an idea and develop it and refine it; this doesn't always come natural for African Americans

The book is available at bookstores nationwide and For more details, visit
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