3 Black Siblings Make History as Possibly the Youngest CEOs Ever in the State of Maryland

Tatiyana, Danyelle, and Jyniah Smith

Meet the Smith sisters — 5-year-old Tatiyana, 8-year-old Danyelle, and 10-year-old Jyniah — three African American siblings who are the youngest rising stars in Maryland, bringing a new energy of entrepreneurship and innovation to the youth landscape as members of a Youth Investment Program (YIPs1) offered by G1 Investment, LLC. These young stars have learned the essential components of taking a dream or a vision and turning it into a reality that will produce fruit for many years.

These young business owners will be available to meet on May 6, 2024, at 10am during their Ribbon Cutting administered by the Charles County Chamber of Commerce and the Charles County Economic Development Department. Charles County Commissioner President Reuben B. Collins II Esq. will be in attendance and has requested a county seal. The President will be joined by Commissioner Vice President Ralph Patterson as well as Commissioners Thomasina Coates and Gilbert Bowling.

Jyniah Smith (age 10)
is the founder and CEO of Bakie Books, LLC, a dessert and beverage manufacturing company that just landed their first retail partner, Selby’s Grab and Go restaurant, led by internationally trained Chef Kendall Selby from New Jersey who lives by the motto “food is a catalyst to the soul.” Chef Selby has agreed to sell Jyniah’s signature grab-and-go dessert cup called a “Bakie” and offer it as an option on his catering menu. A “Bakie” is a dessert cup layered with fudgy chocolate brownies, rich vanilla cake, soft and fluffy chocolate chip cookies, and a creamy vanilla glaze, served in a cup with a lid and a spoon.

The restaurant will also feature and sell all four flavors of Ezee Peezy beverages, owned by Tatiyana Smith (age 5). Ezee Peezy, LLC is a beverage manufacturing company positioned to rival all the large corporate beverage companies. The flavors of these beverages, called “Ezees,” are Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Blast, and Blackberry.

Behind the scenes of all this momentum is a mastermind working diligently to create all the digital media, which includes video, movie, graphic design, and editing; her name is Danyelle LaShay Smith, and she is the founder and CEO of D-LaShay Productions, a movie, video, and media enterprise. Her creative and innovative mind and unparalleled eye for captivating content and beauty have positioned D-LaShay to become one of the nation’s leading media enterprises. At age 8, Danyelle is busy mastering her craft through service to her sister’s businesses to afford to purchase the equipment and studio necessary to produce positive and encouraging content focusing on youth innovation. She aspires to have a large broadcast media studio to deliver meaningful, positive content that often goes unnoticed.

These three young African American sisters are setting the stage for youth innovation and unlocking the minds of adult society to the possibilities and potential when meaningful investments are made in our youth.

To learn more about this dynamic trio, please visit:

For press inquiries, contact info@g1investment.com

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